Hippo Alley, the beginning

I’m not sure where to start on the beginning of Hippo Alley. I wss in a storefront partnered with a friend. She was selling antiques & I was selling my natural artisan soap & body care items along with my photography. I don’t recall how I began to sew hippos. But all of a sudden I was sewing a lot of them. Harvey & Hilda hippo were the first to be made. I decided that I had to make a set of fraternal twins. So they were the beginning. Hippo Alley has evolved so much in the years that I first began to sew them. They all now come with a name (always had that), a job or story, a birth certificate that includes their weight, date & time of birth. The time is when I put the last stitch in. So that’s how Hippo Alley began…….